XDS 26 classic review | leading all the way to legend



Agitation for 26 years

Leading achievement legend

We always

Stick to the original intention and build a national brand

Adhering to ingenuity and leading scientific and technological innovation

Full of love, committed to social welfare

Go all out to promote cycling culture

Inspiring ambition and inheriting the glory of the Olympic Games

On the 26th anniversary:

December 12, 2021 is a special day for XDS. After 26 years of trials and hardships, XDS is about to celebrate its 26th birthday.

Here, I would like to thank all the riders, dealers and people from all walks of life who have always supported

 and accompanied XDS. Your support is the biggest driving force on our way forward.

Through hardships, wind and rain and glory, we are ready to set off in the next 26 years, 

full of pride and confidence, and create a better tomorrow!

In 1995, Shenzhen Xidesheng Bicycle Co., Ltd. was officially established. Our original intention is to build every bicycle and make it famous in the world.

In 2004, the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China listed the company as "China's top 100 private enterprises for export", 

which is the glory of countless people with sweat and wisdom. It is also a proud achievement of a down-to-earth enterprise that makes a good car.

In 2005, Mr. Lin Zongtang, director of China famous brand promotion committee and President of China Federation of industry, 

visited xidsheng and inscribed a plaque for xidsheng to "create a world famous brand and strive for Chinese ambition"; 

He pointed out that the positioning of sidson is to take the road of world-class famous brands and keep up with the world's top brands!

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In 2009, sidson bicycle became the only product that represented light industry to be selected into 

the "60th anniversary achievement exhibition of the founding of the people's Republic of China". 

This great honor comes not only from the focus and persistence of sidson people, 

but also from the support and affirmation of the state and people from all walks of life. 

Every effort and effort has been rewarded and affirmed. We are not arrogant or impetuous and down-to-earth. 

Quality is always the lifeline of the enterprise.

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In 2010, XDS cycling team took 47 days to participate in the "low carbon action cycling in China" 

2010 Beijing Shenzhen cycling activity, with a total mileage of more than 4500 kilometers. 

So far, it is still a public welfare and environmental protection trip with the highest specification, 

the largest scale, the longest journey and the most far-reaching impact in the history of China's bicycle industry.

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Before the launching ceremony of "low carbon action cycling in China" 2010 Beijing Shenzhen cycling activity, 

Tan Weilong, chairman of XDS group, took a group photo with leaders such as abulahati abureciti (second from right), 

former vice chairman of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference

In 2012, XDS International bicycle training base was officially opened, and more than 1000 riders from all over 

the country participated in the test race of XDS International bicycle training base. We should not only build 

every bicycle, but also convey the concept of riding culture and healthy life to the public. This is the only 

professional bicycle training base and vehicle testing base in China. Since then, it has opened the surging 

development upsurge of cycling in China.

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In 2013, XDS company became the branch venue of the 9th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo. 

This grand Expo is of great significance. It is a survey of bicycle industry civilization and bicycle leisure culture. 

XDS makes low-carbon and healthy bicycle sports culture bloom colorful colors.

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In 2014, XDS Shanba MT2 successfully set the record of "the highest jumping height of carbon fiber bicycle" in Guinness in the world. Although this record is only 3.362 meters, it is an unprecedented attempt in the bicycle industry. XDS people use their own carbon fiber products to announce to bicycle lovers all over the world that being able to cross-country and strong enough is the standard of a good car!

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In 2015, XDS won the title of "top 100 enterprises in China's light industry" for three consecutive years. From an individual to a social enterprise, all the honors of XDS are hard won. "The title of China's top 100 light industry enterprises" is a perfect summary of the arduous process XDS has gone through in the past 20 years.

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In 2015, XDS's 20th Anniversary Gala invited famous Mezzo Soprano singer Jiang Yang Zhuoma, "no old man God" Fei Xiang, good voice popular singer Bei Bei and other stars to help! All cadres and employees of XDS company, as well as more than 10000 leaders of dealers, suppliers, industry associations and relevant provincial and municipal departments at home and abroad, surrounding citizens and star fans gathered together. The 20-year-old XDS is in full bloom, just like the rising sun, emitting thousands of rays!

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In 2016, XDS intercontinental fleet was officially established, marking that XDS racing class road vehicles officially entered the professional car world and showed XDS style to the world!

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In 2017, XDS headquarters welcomed Faisal HUMAID al qassimi, director of the International Cycling Federation, director of the Asian Cycling Federation, President of the Cycling Federation of Arab States and Prince of the United Arab Emirates. From home to abroad, XDS never forgot its original intention and won the recognition of people around the world with excellent quality.

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Faisal HUMAID al qassimi, Prince of the United Arab Emirates, and Tan Weilong, chairman of XDS group

In 2018, xdsrs800 pro and XDS integrated 3D forged frames were shortlisted for the "China 2018 product innovation award" with cutting-edge design concept. 

Leading industrial upgrading with scientific and technological innovation, XDS is full of vitality and leads the trend of the times on the road of practicing 

the original mission.

In 2019, XDS took the lead in 600, successfully challenged the 41 degree slope, verified the excellent performance of "climbing like walking on the flat ground", 

also demonstrated XDS's advanced technology in the field of electric mopeds, and took the lead in "trend + technology".

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In 2020, XDS signed a contract with China's national mountain bike team, marking that XDS has become the official bicycle brand of China's national mountain bike team. The team members of the national mountain bike team will use XDS bicycles to compete in major competitions such as the Olympic Games and the mountain bike World Cup in the future.

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In July 2021, XDS Olympic mountain bike boarded the mountain bike field of Tokyo Olympic Games. With the pride of national brand, it showed the world the strong strength made in China and helped Olympic athletes win glory for the country. XDS has never forgotten its original intention, based on Shenzhen, looking at the world, step by step, down-to-earth, and achieved today's glory.

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In September 2021, XDS won the honorary title of "2017-2020 national advanced unit of mass sports" by virtue of its long-term outstanding contributions in the field of mass sports and its outstanding performance in the Olympic Games and international sports events.

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Over the past 26 years, XDS has always adhered to its original intention, built every bicycle, and committed itself to the rise of made in China with national feelings.

In the next 26 years, XDS will still stick to its original intention, inspire the progress with glory and create a legend with ingenuity!

Lead all the way to legend!

XDS 26 full of enthusiasm, forge ahead!

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