At the end of the 2018 tour of Qinghai Lake Ring Race, XDS cyclist David Denock won the best in


"The best individual overall result of the 17th round-the-lake race in Asia is Hidson Intercontinental Team - David Denock!!!" This is the evening of August 4, 

at the closing ceremony of the 17th Lake Ring Competition in 2018, the host made a solemn and proud announcement. So far, the Hidson Intercontinental 

Team has completed the round-the-lake race perfectly, with a total journey of 3671 kilometers. After 13 days of fierce competition with 154 athletes from 22 

teams from five continents, the Hidson Intercontinental Team has won the best blue shirt in Asia for 10 consecutive stages, and finally won the seventh of 

the first and seventh of the 154 Asian individual total results. The strength of the Hidson Intercontinental Team and the Hidson Highway is seen Glory!


XDS cycling team David Denock








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