ULC Frames Offer Superior Riding Experience

The outstanding quality and performance of our ULC frames

 is attributable to the high-quality carbon fiber and elaborate manual production. 

All our ULC frames adopt imported T700 or above ultra-light carbon fiber,

 which ensures the high performance. 


—— ULC(Ultra light Carbon)Wonderful Birth!

  • TOP Flight ULC Frame

    The top ultra-high modulus carbon 

    fiber is featured by extremely light weight,

     high intensity and stiffness. 

  • Molding monocoque

    Every frame is an integrated 

    and seamless triangle, 

    which provides stable and reliable performance. 

  • Flight ULC Frame

    The cutting-edge high-modules carbon

     fiber is featured by light weight and high

     intensity and is able to boost the performance

     of bikes in a tough environment.

  • Dual Mold Technology

    Bring out the potential 

    in raw materials to maximize the performance. 

  • Standard Light Carbon Frame

    The high-end light and high-intensity

     carbon fiber can help riders achieve 

    good results in games and offer

     a pleasant riding experience for riders. 

X6 Ultra-Light Aluminum Alloy Frames, Revolutionary Light Bike Frames

X6 Ultra-Light Aluminum Alloy Frames, Revolutionary Light Bike Frames

Through the cooperation with Central South University Aluminum Alloy Research Institute,

 a global leading metal material research body, 

we have discovered the composition of the stiffest aluminum alloy and developed the aviation-grade aluminum alloy X6. 

The discovery and new product mark the beginning of a revolution to build ultra light aluminum alloy bike frames. 


—— Aluminum alloy X6 with cutting-edge aviation quality emerged as the times require. Aluminum alloy frame ushered in a revolutionary lightweight transformation!

  • High intensity and stiffness

    Compared with traditional aluminum alloy frames, the deformation and stretching resistance of frames made of X6 is improved by 50% and 30% respectively, thus ensuring reliable performance under any conditions. 

    3X Resistance to Fatigue

    Light and solid thanks to the X6 aluminum alloy

    Longer Service Life

    X6 ultra-light aluminum alloy triples the service life of frames, making bikes more enduring and powerful. 

    Revolutionary Lighter Frames

    The intensity and stiffness of X6 is substantially, making thinner and lighter aluminum alloy tubes and structures possible. 

  • Perfect molding monocoque

    Invisible and smooth joints make aluminum alloy frames as perfect as carbon fiber ones.

    Minimized Weight

    Every frame is polished repeatedly to further reduce its weight. 

    Higher Intensity

    By using robots to weld aluminum alloy parts, we can better control the welding temperature and ensure even welding bead penetration, outperforming the traditional manual welding intensity by 20% to 30%. 

    Multi-stage internal suction pipe

    Introduces the double-butted (DB) tubing technology to design the thickness of the tube wall according to mechanical needs, thus achieving extremely lightweight, stiff and compliant frames. 

  • HRS 立体浮雕工艺

    The cutting hydro-forming and embossing technology is able to present best-in-class embossed logos on frames. 

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